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Measurement Capabilities

Lubricant Film Thickness

In-situ measurement of embedded fluid films down to 50nm. Applications include mechanical seals, hydrodynamic bearings, rolling element bearings and piston-liner interface.


Non invasive, high accuracy and long-term measurement of wear, erosion and corrosion. Applications include combustion engines, pipes and pressure vessels.

Fluid Viscosity & Properties

In-situ and real time measurement of viscosity and other fluid properties including aeration, cavitation, acoustic velocity and bulk modulus. Applications include any lubricated machine elements, combustion engines, hydrodynamic bearings and chemical processing.

Contact Pressure

Measurement of contact pressure and real area of contact. Applications include, wheel-rail contact, metal-to-metal seals, rolling element bearings and cold rolling of steel.


Measurement of stress and load in mechanical components. Applications include load bearing components such as bolts, fixings, fasteners and brackets.


We provide a wide range of other bespoke NDT measurements including, position, displacement, geometry, wall thickness, stiffness...

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